Reaching Out

At Maxwell we want to encourage people to share their faith with others. This can often be daunting. Perhaps the most common fear is that you will be rejected. Even your friends and colleagues who you get on well with might not want to talk about Jesus. Or they might find it offensive, or even laughable. So, it's natural to be nervous about talking about the Gospel because of all these things. Nevertheless, at some point someone told us about Jesus didn't they, and we found it to be the life changing message we hold on to -  now it's our turn to share with others.

But where do I start?

Every so often at Maxwell there are courses run for introducing people to Jesus and to discover the basics of the Christian faith. However, in our culture it seems that, more than ever, people don't need an event to attend, they need a friend to talk to them. 

This is why we want to encourage you to reach out to your family, friends and colleagues. The Word 1 to 1 material gives you the confidence, and help, to open the Bible with someone.  Below are details of the material, including short videos explaining how people have used it with their friends.

The Word One to One


The Word One to One helps you introduce your friends to Jesus in His Word by presenting the Bible in an accessible, shareable and easy-to-use format. Designed specifically to be used with those who aren’t yet Christians, it has everything you need to take a friend through John’s gospel - providing you with the passage, helpful notes and talking points along the way. 

God’s Word, for everyone.
You don’t have to be a Bible teacher, professional evangelist or church leader in order to share the gospel. You just need to be a loving page-turner of God’s Word, and be willing to share the good news it contains with others! We’re convinced that God’s Word holds the answer to life’s big questions of purpose, meaning and truth. The Word One to One makes the Bible accessible for everyone, regardless of their education or theological training.

Each page has the Bible passage, some notes and questions. There is no 'leader's' notes and you don't need to be an expert. You just read through John's Gospel together.  You can use the links at the bottom of this page to view and download the material

word 1to1 sample page

Some videos to set the scene:

Here are a couple of Videos from Maxwell folk talking about their experience of using Word One to One material
Word One to One @ Maxwell 1
Word One to One @ Maxwell 2

jon carswell one to one

Here are some more stories from people who have used the material:

Take a look at the material.  You can buy the booklets but you may want to use these pdfs - print the bits you need or just use on the screen.
You can send download and send to the friend you are sharing with so they have the same material as you to work with.

Book 1 The Word One to One
Book 2 The Word One to One
Book 3 The Word One to One
Book 4 The Word One to One
Book 5 The Word One to One
Book 6 The Word One to One
Book 7 The Word One to One
Book 8 The Word One to One
Book 9 The Word One to One
Book 10 The Word One to One
Book 11 The Word One to One

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