Updated 6th May 2022

Coming To Worship!

We look forward to welcoming you to worship.

Our worship is back to normal with praise, prayer and preaching (no masks necessary - see below). 
We begin worship with one another in the sanctuary. The children will leave for their age related groups after the children's talk.
Children most often sit on the left, near the front with their parents/guardians.

Masks in Worship

Mask wearing on our premises is no longer compulsory. The decision is yours. We have kept an area of seating next to the band for those who want to wear a mask and keep some distance from those not wearing masks. Thanks for your understanding on this. Masks can of course still be worn in the main seating area should you choose to do so. 

Hong Kongers Night On Health 

Many thanks to our doctor, optometrist and dentist who gave really helpful presentations on 29th April on how we can access healthcare in Scotland through the NHS.  The PowerPoint presentation can be found here.
It was super to gether together.
Health Night

Alpha Course


We run Alpha courses from time to time for those who want to explore more about the Christian faith.
There are no courses currently running however do get in touch if you would like to know more


Live-Streaming Our Worship Services 

Our church services are streamed live on our YouTube channel.
If you are unable to be present with us physically we would love to have you join us online.
  Click here

You can also find audio and video recordings of live Sunday Gatherings on the website Resources Page.
If you are attending the services in person please be aware they are usually filmed for live streaming and are available on YouTube.
All filming is from balcony at the rear of the church.
If you do not want to appear on YouTube, please sit in the back few rows.


Important Safety Information

We have recently implemented some additional safety measures for the wooded area below our church building to prevent anti-social behaviour and remove the danger of falling from the rocks. Please click on this link for more details.


The calendar on our Resources Page will keep you abreast of the events of each day.

Government restrictions have severely hampered our daily ministries over the last eighteen months.
Our ministries are now opening up again. Please check the calendar for details. 


If you have any questions or would like to chat to us you can see all of our contact details here
Visitor information to help you get to know more about our church and how you can become involved
See all the information about our Sunday services like where to park, and what happens to the kids

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